Your Bucket List Beaches When Visiting Taranaki

Destination - The best beaches in Taranaki When you ask the locals what they like most about living in New Plymouth, most of them will tell you; “Being so close...

29 11 2021 / Posted by Metrotel
Flowers at The Metrotel
Reconnect with Nature in Taranaki

Destination - 5 Spots in Taranaki to Reconnect with Nature You do not have to be an expert on gardening to see how beautiful ‘The Naki's’ nature is. All year...

28 10 2021 / Posted by Metrotel
Corporate Guest on Laptop
Make Your Stay a Home Away From Home

Travel - Top tips to make your stay with us feel more like your home. Some of our guests spend more time in hotels and motels than they do in...

13 10 2021 / Posted by Metrotel
Complimentary car parking on site.
4 Years of The Metrotel

Interview - From drawing board to popular boutique motel in New Plymouth This year, The Metrotel is celebrating its fourth anniversary. As the current lockdown has taught us again; life...

27 08 2021 / Posted by Metrotel